In short

How does the childcare allowance work?

Whether you are eligible for the allowance and how much it is, depends on your:

  • (combined) income
  • Your situation: You have a job or a traineeship, an educational program or an immigration program.
  • The number of children in daycare
  • The number of daycare hours to which you are entitled in terms of childcare allowance

Maximum rate and number of hours

Per child you are entitled to a maximum of 230 hours per month. There is also a maximum hour rate.


Maximum income

The amount of child allowance is dependent on your (combined) income. The more you earn, the less allowance you receive. If you would like to know how much childcare allowance you are entitled to, then use this calculation scheme: proefberekening.


More children in daycare

If you have more than one child in daycare, then you receive the least allowance for the child going to the daycare most often. We refer to this child as the ‘first child’. This is not necessarily your oldest child. Is the number of daycare hours of your children the same, then the ‘first child’ is the child that has the lowest daycare costs. These costs are to be found in the invoices that the daycare organization sends to you. If these figures are also the same for your children, the tax agency decides who is your ‘first child’.

Childcare allowance payments

  1. The tax agency transfers the allowance to your private bank account. In some cases, you can decide to have the allowance transferred to the Daycare.
  2. For the other terms and conditions, we direct you to the information folder of the child allowance (informatiefolder van de kinderopvangtoeslag) or the website of the tax agency (de belastingdienst).