Our daycare service encompasses two groups. From its sixth week on, your baby is welcome in one of our baby groups. Peace, cleanliness and order form the essence. The youngest babies have their own time schedules. The older one gets, the more they join the common schedule.

From the age of two, your child continues in one of the Pre-school groups. We offer pre-school education within our daycare. Through this program, children learn as they play, practice and explore. Every period, the subject of the program is changed. We value the child’s social interaction with its peers within our organization. Therefore, our pedagogical staff stimulates such social behaviour.

Every group allows for sixteen children every day and it has its own staff members. This makes it easier for you and your child to become familiar with the group.

Our online diary, the Bitcare application, enables parents to remain continuously up to date on the latest experiences of their child at Samen Spelen. It shows, for example, when your child is sleeping, eating or drinking. Moreover, nice pictures of your child can be shared with you.