Play at our BSO before or after school

Schoolgoing children aged 4 to 13 years can come to our daycare centre before or after school. Your child will be picked up from school and brought to the BSO by our employees. They will take ample time for your child and give him/her the opportunity to have fun playing in a pleasant space with different play areas for different age groups. It is also possible to make your homework, to play on the computer, to do artwork, draw, dress up, play games, make music, or read. Of course it is also possible to play in our spaceous garden.
On the longer days, like Wednesdays or during holidays we organise nice activities, such as cooking activities, a visit to a playground or an activity that the children chose themselves.

Through game material and fun activities your child develops social, cognitive and physical skills. Your child learns how to interact with peers and receives ample personal attention. At the end of the day the pedagogical worker tells you how the day went and what the children did.