De Geluksvogel

pre-school de Geluksvogel is located in Limmel and is part of Child center de Geluksvogel. In January 2017 we moved to our new building! We enjoy a beautiful, new building. It has huge windows and spacious rooms. In the new garden our toddlers can horse around. There are many possibilities for toddlers to learn as they play, both inside and outside, where they can also enjoy many activities and explore the environment.

pre-school de Geluksvogel is open from  Monday untill Friday from 08:30 till 11:15 uur and on Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays from 12:15 till 15:00

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Contact details

Peuteropvang De Geluksvogel

Balijeweg 101

6222 BE Maastricht

LRKP nummer: 155903135


You can reach the location during opening hours at 043-3631969.

During office hours, the main building can be reached at 043-7370083.

The general pedagogical policy plan as framework of the organization

To provide parents, staff and third parties (a.o. municipality organizations like the local health department)  with insight in our way of working, we have developed a general pedagogical policy plan. It concerns our vision and core values as well as our starting points


You can download the policy plan of our pre-school de Geluksogel pedagogisch werkplan geluksvogel