pre-school center Wyck is located in the area of the same name and shares its building in the Rechtstraat with primary school Wyck. Samen Spelen Wyck, primary school Wyck and the Grummelkes, part of Radar, form child center Wyck.
We deem it important to connect our toddlers with other children, such as those that use the class rooms next to us. We organize a lot of (day) activities together, so that we can learn from each other. Besides that, it also ensures that our toddlers find themselves in a known and comfortable organization to which they can get used easily and where they see the other children and the employees every day. Thereby, we are able to offer consistency in the process of growing up as you child can continue at the primary school as they get older.
pre-school Wyck is open on Mondays until Fridays from 08:45 till 11:30.

Contact details:
Peuteropvang Wyck
Wycker Grachtstraat 4A
6221 CW Maastricht
LRKP nummer: 300319800
Email: wyck@samenspelen.net
During opening hours you can reach us through 043 321 8997.
During office hours, the main building of Samen Spelen Wyck is contacted through 043 737 0083.

For more information about Child center Samen Wyck, you can visit our website: www.samenwyck.nl

The general pedagogical policy plan as framework of the organization
To provide parents, staff and third parties (a.o. municipality organizations like the local health department) with insight in our way of working, we have developed a general pedagogical policy plan. It concerns our vision and core values as well as our starting points

You can download the policy plan of our pre-school: Pedagogisch werkplan Peuteropvang Wyck