‘t Neske

‘t Neske

Pre-school ‘t Neske is located in the area called Heugemerveld and it is part of child center La Belletsa. This location has offered pre-school education for years using ‘Speelplezier’. The pre-school and the primary school work by the same themes, celebrate special occasions together and participate in various councils together. This way, we can adjust to each other so that your child’s path from toddler to child is optimized.

Opening hours

  • Monday until Thursday: 8.30h – 12.30h (VVE package)
  • Monday until Thursday: 8.30u – 11.30u (normal package)

Contact Details:

Peuteropvang ’t Neske

Kardinaal van Rossumplein 99

6221 SZ Maastricht

LRKP nummer: 992239096

Email: info@samenspelen.net

You can reach ‘t Neske during opening hours at 043-3218823

You can reach the main building during office hours at 043-7370083

The general pedagogical policy plan as framework of the organization

To provide parents, staff and third parties (a.o. municipality organizations like the local health department)  with insight in our way of working, we have developed a general pedagogical policy plan. It concerns our vision and core values as well as our starting points


You can download the policy plan of our pre-school ‘t Neske: Pedagogisch werkplan Neske.