Parent Participation

Daycare Samen Spelen runs partially on the contributions by parents. What is parent participation and why do we do it like this?



To enlarge your involvement as a parent in the daycare of your child, Samen Spelen has chosen to have some of the Samen Spelen activities run by the parents themselves. Examples are maintaining the garden, cleaning the toys and organizing events.

Besides the fact that this contributes to a stronger involvement with the daycare, it is also a simple way to get in touch with parents of other children of the same age. These are the parents of the friends of your child!


Of course, besides enlarging parental involvement through these practices, parent participation also contributes to lower costs for the daycare. We do not have to hire a gardener for the maintenance of our garden. Thereby, we keep the daycare affordable, so that it remains accessible to as many parents as possible in Wyck.

We would like to emphasize that parent participation only concerns supporting activities. The care of your children is, of course, completely carried out by our professional pedagogical staff.