We think it is important to get you involved in the daycare of your child. A number of parents of children who stay at the daycare, actively stimulate parental involvement and represent the interests of all parents at the daycare. They form the Parent Committee



The main task of the Parent Committee is to preserve and promote the quality of the daycare. As parents, we obviously want the best for our children and this can be achieved by joining forces on certain affairs. The committee can give advice, both asked for and unasked for, to the management team of Samen Spelen, The parent committee has, for example, the right to give advice on the issues concerning the quality of the daycare, the price of the daycare and the opening hours.


By and For Parents

The parent committee meets several times per year to talk about internal matters as well as to discuss with the management team of Samen Spelen on policy matters. To keep all parents updated on the practices of the parent committee, it will regularly send out newsletters.


If you have any ideas concerning the policy and the quality of the daycare, or do you see any points for improvement that concern all parents, then you can take these to the parent committee. Parents that have questions or comments on matters that concern them specifically only, can direct these to the staff and management team of Samen Spelen. Furthermore, parents can also send an e-mail to the members of the Parent Committee at: oudercommissie@samenspelen.net


Join the Parent Committee!

Would you like to represent the group of parents who have their children at Samen Spelen, then you can join/apply for the Parent Committee by sending an e-mail with your name e-mail address and phone number. This can also be written on a piece of paper which is put in the mailbox of the Parent Committee