In 2016 the first pre-schools of STEPS were taken over by other organizations in Maastricht. As a result of this harmonization of pre-schools and daycares, further cooperation between primary school and daycare organization can be achieved in the form of an Integrated Child Center. In this new format the former peuterspeelzaalwerk continues under peuteropvang. The working method, however, remains mostly the same. Your child will not feel a lot of difference due to this change. However, as a parent, you may have some questions. For that reason we have written an FAQ which may clarify some things.


The FAQ (in Dutch only): Vraag en Antwoord versie 14 maart


Moreover, you can find the information folder as commissioned by the Maastricht municipality. These daycares have been transferred to Samen Spelen:

  • ‘t Neske
  • de Maasköpkes
  • de Geluksvogel
  • Wyck


For further questions you can contact Samen Spelen

043-7370083 |