The VVE[1] policy is the general term for a nationally established and adopted method aiming to stimulate the development of young children in a fun way. In February 2016, Samen Spelen was officially recognized VVE day care and pre-school. Since then, Samen Spelen implements VVE according to the VVE method Speelplezier.

What does VVE entail?

An important aspect of the Speelplezier method is working with themes that fit in with the experiences of children. An example of this is the usage of seasons and daily routines (e.g. waking up and going to bed). Other themes relate to birth and becoming a brother or sister or dressing up as other people, animals or famous figures.

By working with themes, the comprehensive development of children is stimulated: this includes not only a child’s linguistic development, but also focuses on socio-emotional, cognitive and physical development.

Speelplezier routines in the playing/learning spectrum are focused on the so-called 3 i’s: inspiring, imagining, and intervening.

–       Inspiring: several activities and games are first demonstrated by one of the teachers, after which the children repeat it all together. This can be done with role-plays or using hand puppets. Children are not only inspired by the teachers, but they also inspire each other to play along.

–       Imagining: teachers observe the spontaneous interaction and playing of children and play along by imitating the children.

–       Intervening: during the daily returning activities in small and larger groups, the intervention of teachers is meant to enhance children’s playing and to stimulate the development of specific areas.

As a parent, you will notice several elements of Speelplezier in our baby group: we aim at connecting low-threshold activities to the theme in place.

Most of the implementation of Speelplezier is found in our toddler group, where we offer daily and returning activities related to the specific themes. We consider it very important that all parents feel and are engaged with our VVE policy and will update you recently on our VVE-related activities. We will also ask for your involvement in some of our activities.

In case you want more information about VVE Speelplezier in general or the specific implementation of the themes, you can always read our VVE policy and our policy regarding parental involvement.

You can find our VVE policy here:

[1] In Dutch: Vroeg en Voorschoolse Educatie