A short Introduction

In spring 2013, Samen Spelen opened its first daycare in the building of what used to be the Suringar School in Wyck, as the neighbourhood is called. The parents-based initiative grew from the demand for a small-scale children’s daycare center in the Wyck quarter. This has formed the foundation for Samen Spelen, as its essence is to provide a dependable environment to which parents are confidently taking their children, when they are occupied. Moreover, the friendly atmosphere ensures that our team of colleagues find pleasure in their job. Yet, most importantly, we aim to be the place where your children can play, learn, explore and meet new friends.


In the last years, we have developed into a professional organization, which comprises multiple locations for pre-school, daycare and out-of-school care. The child is the centre around which we work. However, to be able to do so, it is necessary to cooperate closely with our partners: parents, primary school, local organizations. We appreciate getting to know each others, and if possible, we are open to joining forces. Sharing is Caring.